Yesterday, Nintendo held a conference to discuss joining forces with the American Heart Association to make Wii a good way to stay active but still play video games. New Wiis will feature an AHA stamp and more games like Wii Sports will show up in the future. They launched a new website called which you can visit for new info and get tips for healthy, active living. Since I just bought I Wii, this caught my attention. Considering that Wii Fit sold 22.61 million copies, I think that this could bring in a bit of money for Nintendo (not that they need it) and a lot of healthier people. Naturally, this won’t replace serious exercising at a gym, but it’s a good idea.

A few days ago, I mentioned that MW2 would have a new DLC dropping June 3rd. Anyway, it’s called the Resurgence Pack and will include 5 new maps although a price has not been set for. Dates for the Ps3 have not been released yet, so keep an eye out PS3 players! Infinity Ward has also set up two double experience points weekends on May 28th and June 3rd.

Splinter Cell Conviction developer Ubisoft will be releasing a new DLC on May 27th for the PC and Xbox 360. The DLC, titled Insurgency Pack, will feature new Deniable Ops for missions on new maps: a dock in San Francisco, a cemetery in New Orleans, a prison in Portland, and a research facility in Utah; it will also have include 250 points in achievements. Deniable Ops has 4 multiplayer types as well.

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