A while ago, my friend and I were taking a web design class and one project was to create a fake business and make a website based off that business.

Being avid video game fans, we immediately came up with the idea to create a game store called ‘Game Vault.’ In order to make the thing feel more realistic, we set up a blog over at Blogger. Long story short, we really liked the idea of having a blog about video games and decided to pursue it full on. Well, we really weren’t successful. We had no viewers and  my friend dropped out of the project, however I wanted to continue on with it. Thus, I moved to WordPress, set up a Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace in order to make it feel legit and now I bring you: GameVault360.

I hope to include walkthroughs, reviews, and news. Feel free to make some suggestions by emailing: support.gamevault360@live.com


–Taylor Paige