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Update 3.12.12

A lot has happened in the game industry since I last posted. Luckily, I’ll be posting again soon (probably tomorrow or Wednesday) so keep an eye out for something being released this week. I’ve certainly got a lot to talk about…

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So, because I haven’t featured any news in a while (thanks to a busy schedule) I’m going to give you guys  a quick update on something that I’m personally pissed off by this week.

Apparently, Dead Rising 2 has been pushed forward from it’s August release date for the US to September 28th.

Great. I’m not sure exactly what’s going on with these guys, whether they’re doing super improvements on the game or what, but all I know is that I have waited for this for a while and I would like to have a date set in stone for this game. I expect to be very impressed after waiting all this time. The thing is, it’s not a very compelling game, but it’s just fun. Well, at least Dead Rising 1 was. I mean, who doesn’t want to roam around in a mall for 72 hours with anything and everything as your weapon?

Let’s not disappoint, Capcom. The pressure is on.

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Dead Rising Delay via IGN

I hate to leave you guys hanging like I have been lately, but I’ve been occupied by other various things. My blog list just keeps adding up like crazy.

I can’t promise a blog tonight, because everytime I do, it never happens.

Well, regardless, I might have to start posting once a week. That will probably be during the weekend. But for now I have plenty of videos and sites you guys can check out via the links provided in my posts.

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New E-Mail Contact

After being commented about contacting GV360, I’ve set up an e-mail for all your questions and suggestions. Previously, you could contact us through Twitter or AIM, and some people may not be signed up for either service, there is a public e-mail set up for all your inquiries.

Spam will be reported and/or deleted. NO SPAM.

New e-mail:

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Hello again. CNN posted an article written by their ‘tech expert’ Scott Steinburg explaining why movies based off games totally suck. He sites reasons like money and the way the stories are implemented in both mediums. He says:

“Movies are many times inherently dense, layered with shades of subtle coloring and perception. Video games are often more one-dimensional, primarily designed to keep players steadily clicking away or tapping buttons.” Regardless, I personally think that games should stay games and movies should stay well.. movies. And they should not cross each others’ path. While we may think that ‘Oh yeah, that game would make a great movie!’, it really gets down to how the directors, producers, and most importantly writers take the game and translate it. This has been a reoccurring topic for a while, what’s you’re opinion? Seriously, comment.

Speaking of horrible game movies, looks like the game to movie adaptation of ‘Hitman’ may be getting a sequel. Great. I’d rather see the next installment of the ‘Hitman’ series, honestly. Right now it is unknown if Timothy Olyphant will return for the sequel but Spanish ‘helmer’ Daniel Benmayor will make his debut with the ‘Hitman 2’ movie. Well, good for him. Hopefully, this turns out alright.

EA & Visceral Games have released the box art for Dead Space 2. Dead Space 2 is set to release on the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC sometime in early 2011.

^^Damn right.^^

And finally,  go over to The Escapist and take their ‘What Kind of Gamer Are You?’ quiz. Turns out, I’m an ‘Explorer’. Of course, you’ll have to sign up to take the quiz, but it’s definitely worth it. I quite enjoy the site myself.

How Not To Play Hitman (i.e. Most Epic Videos Ever)


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Games & Movies Stuff via CNN
‘Hitman 2‘ via Deadline
Dead Space 2 via Gamerzines
Quiz via Escapist
Dead Space 2 Picture Courtesy of Kotaku & Of Course, All Videos Courtesy of Youtube & It’s Users

Note: Looking for a specific story? Hit keys ‘Ctrl’ and ‘F’ together and enter the term you are looking for. You’re welcome. 🙂

First off, a demo for the long awaited Mafia 2 will be released in August. Although developers, 2k Czech, have not set a specific date yet (which will be posted here when they do), will be playable on Xbox 360, PS3, and PC platforms. The game’s official release is on August 24th for the U.S. and August 27th in most of Western Europe.

Max Payne 3 does not look like it will be released this year. Take-Two listed all releases for 2010 and the game did not show up. In March, Take-Two stated that the game would be released by October 31st. Well, that certainly doesn’t look like that’s going to happen, huh? In the mean time, there will be releases such as L.A. Noire, Mafia II, and NBA 2k11.

A favorite here, BioShock, may not be dealt with by 2k Marin in the future. Take-Two chairman Strauss Zelnick said

“We do intend to support it[BioShock franchise]; doesn’t necessarily have to be at 2K Marin, but we do intend to support the franchise.”

Well, whoever the developer’s may be in the future, could they at least upgrade their engine to something more modern? Not to mention that they are going to focus on more DLC for BioShock 2. Zelnick also said:

“First and foremost we’re focused on downloadable content – we intend to continue to support Bioshock 2 with further downloadable content. We think the franchise has a long life indeed.”

Cool story, bro.

Capcom has listed the titles that will be featured in E3, which includes the following:
Marvel Vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds
Okamiden: Chisaki Taiyou
Bionic Commando Rearmed 2
Sengoku Basara Samurai Heroes
Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective
Dead Rising 2
Dead Rising 2: CASE ZERO
MotoGP 09/10
E3 starts Tuesday, June 15th and closes Thursday, June 17th @ 5p.m.
You can view a full list of almost every game that will be featured at E3 here.

Max Payne 2 Trailer:

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Max Payne 3 via Eurogamer
Mafia 2 Demo via Product-Reviews
BioShock 2 via TheGamingLiberty
E3 Stuff via Gamespot

So I know that I haven’t posted in a while and I’m glad to see that I’m getting more viewers. I PROMISE that there will be a post up tonight to update you on everything that’s going on in the gaming world. Just keep your eyes open for a new post.

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Sooner or later here, I’ll be doing walkthroughs and reviews of a few games. Can’t quite specify which yet, because I really don’t know.

So it has been kind of a slow news day so far. The only thing I got out of my e-mail is that Red Dead Redemption has done pretty good and there is some stuff about E3 @

Of course, Gamespot is doing coverage of E3 over at and here’s a nice little list for you guys featuring the Gamespot Editor’s Choice for Most Anticipated Games of E3.Civilization V shows up on the list, as well as Rock Band 3, Dead Space 2, Fable III, Gears of War 3, Marvel vs. Capcom 3, & Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. Gamespot has also posted a poll asking it’s users to submit their vote for their most anticipated game of E3. You can vote here.

Apparently, Red Dead Redemption’s sales are pretty good. The game has sold (over, by now) 550,000 units in the first day in North America. The game has also sold about 65% of their units to the Xbox 360 in the UK. This marks the second No. 1 for Take-Two since BioShock 2.

Red Dead Redemption: Life in the West:

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I’d like to apologize for not posting over the past few days, but I’ve been rather busy. So let’s get this started shall we?

First off,  a BioShock 2 DLC will be released for PC this Tuesday. It’s the same as the 360 version, the Rapture Metro Map Pack, 2 Characters, and the new Kill ‘Em Kindly Multiplayer Mode (for free).

Speaking of BioShock, Irrational Games has released the original pitch for BioShock 1. Take a look at it here. It’s pretty interesting to see what BioShock could have been and what it evolved into.

GameStop has done fairly well for itself, it’s first quarter sales rose 5.1% from one year ago to 2.08 billion dollars. While everyone else is doing not so good, GameStop is showing some impressive growth, although the executives would like to see something even better. Go figure.

One of my top anticipated games of the year, Mafia 2, will feature really impressive graphics for the PC: “The integration of PhysX and NVIDIA APEX technology, including the APEX Clothing and Particle modules, enable the city and personalities of Empire Bay to truly come alive on Windows PC. The NVIDIA APEX Clothing module allows for more dynamic movement in clothing, making in-game characters even more realistic and reactive to environmental conditions.” I honestly can not wait for this game. But for right now, I’m stuck playing the original Mafia.

Mafia 2 Hands-On @ E3 ’09:

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BioShock 2 DLC PC:–patch-tuesday
BioShock Pitch Document:
Original Source for Pitch:
Mafia 2 Graphics:
Mafia 2 Video via holkoun on Youtube

Yesterday, Nintendo held a conference to discuss joining forces with the American Heart Association to make Wii a good way to stay active but still play video games. New Wiis will feature an AHA stamp and more games like Wii Sports will show up in the future. They launched a new website called which you can visit for new info and get tips for healthy, active living. Since I just bought I Wii, this caught my attention. Considering that Wii Fit sold 22.61 million copies, I think that this could bring in a bit of money for Nintendo (not that they need it) and a lot of healthier people. Naturally, this won’t replace serious exercising at a gym, but it’s a good idea.

A few days ago, I mentioned that MW2 would have a new DLC dropping June 3rd. Anyway, it’s called the Resurgence Pack and will include 5 new maps although a price has not been set for. Dates for the Ps3 have not been released yet, so keep an eye out PS3 players! Infinity Ward has also set up two double experience points weekends on May 28th and June 3rd.

Splinter Cell Conviction developer Ubisoft will be releasing a new DLC on May 27th for the PC and Xbox 360. The DLC, titled Insurgency Pack, will feature new Deniable Ops for missions on new maps: a dock in San Francisco, a cemetery in New Orleans, a prison in Portland, and a research facility in Utah; it will also have include 250 points in achievements. Deniable Ops has 4 multiplayer types as well.

Splinter Cell:

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Nintendo’s Activities:
Splinter Cell:
Blur Video via Machinima on Youtube